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Working & preliminary papers

Published papers

Working Papers

Title Co-authors Date Status extra stuff
The Federal Funds Market Over the 2007-09 Crisis Nov 2019
Reference Guide to U.S. Repo and Securities Lending Markets Viktoria Baklanova and Rebecca McCaughrin Sept 2015 reference piece Note: this is also published as an OFR working paper (September 2015)
The Tri-Party Repo Market before the 2010 Reforms Antoine Martin and Michael Walker Nov 2010 reference piece "Repo Runs: Evidence from the Tri-Party Repo market" is a companion piece that has been published
Estimating Prices for R&D Investment in the 2007 R&D Satellite Account Gabriel W. Medeiros and Carol A. Robbins Nov 2007 reference piece Note: you may need to open the paper in a new tab

Preliminary Papers

Title Co-authors Date Status extra stuff
The Value of Internal Liquidity Sources: Evidence from Broker-Dealers over the 2007 Financial Crisis Cecilia Caglio and Antoine Martin
Repo over the 2007 Financial Crisis Antoine Martin
Information Management in Times of Crisis Haelim Anderson
Exchange-rate Pass Through, Markups, and Inventories James Kahn dec 2012 circulating