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Working & preliminary papers

Published papers

Working Papers

Title Co-authors Date Status extra stuff
The Federal Funds Market Over the 2007-09 Crisis Nov 2019
Information Management in Times of Crisis Haelim Anderson Dec 2019
Reference Guide to U.S. Repo and Securities Lending Markets Viktoria Baklanova and Rebecca McCaughrin Sept 2015 reference piece Note: this is also published as an OFR working paper (September 2015)
The Tri-Party Repo Market before the 2010 Reforms Antoine Martin and Michael Walker Nov 2010 reference piece "Repo Runs: Evidence from the Tri-Party Repo market" is a companion piece that has been published
Estimating Prices for R&D Investment in the 2007 R&D Satellite Account Gabriel W. Medeiros and Carol A. Robbins Nov 2007 reference piece Note: you may need to open the paper in a new tab

Preliminary Papers

Title Co-authors Date Status extra stuff
The Value of Internal Liquidity Sources: Evidence from Broker-Dealers over the 2007 Financial Crisis Cecilia Caglio and Antoine Martin
Repo over the 2007-09 Financial Crisis Antoine Martin
Exchange-rate Pass Through, Markups, and Inventories James Kahn dec 2012 circulating